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3d printed pokemon charmander and eevie
Azog statue being fitted with legs by a smiling Guy Parrulli

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Guy Parrulli

Guy Parrulli

Meet Guy Parrulli, a visionary artist and creator whose passion knows no bounds. With a heart full of enthusiasm for imaginative endeavors, he has found his calling in crafting captivating parade floats that bring joy to communities far and wide. Guided by an unwavering dedication to innovation, he has seamlessly merged his love for large-scale projects with cutting-edge technology, producing awe-inspiring 3D printed creations that stand as testaments to his boundless creativity. But it doesn't stop there—Guy is also an unapologetic enthusiast of all things nerdy. From iconic pop culture references to intricate fan-inspired designs, his work is infused with a deep appreciation for the realms of fantasy, science fiction, and beyond. Whether it's recreating beloved characters with meticulous attention to detail or infusing functional art with a touch of whimsy, his projects radiate an infectious energy that resonates with fellow enthusiasts. Driven by his dual passions for grandeur and the fantastical, Guy continues to push the boundaries of artistic expression, leaving a trail of awe and inspiration in his wake.
Lisa Dalton

Lisa Dalton

Allow us to introduce Lisa Dalton, a remarkable individual whose style is a fusion of artistic expression, technological innovation, and creative problem-solving. With an unquenchable thirst for creativity, she has seamlessly woven her love for traditional art forms with the limitless possibilities of 3D printing. Guided by her insatiable curiosity and keen eye for detail, she's at home in the world of artistic innovation. Her passion for overcoming challenges and finding ingenious solutions has elevated her work to new heights. Whether it's refining intricate designs for 3D printing or troubleshooting complex technical processes, her determination and lateral thinking shine through, turning obstacles into opportunities. With every layer of filament and stroke of the brush, Lisa's creations are a testament to her talent. She not only breathes life into her artistic visions but also demonstrates that the intersection of art, technology, and inventive thinking can lead to awe-inspiring results. Lisa continues to inspire those around her to embrace creativity, tackle challenges head-on, and revel in the beauty of pushing boundaries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The statues and figures we create are all 3D printed, regardless of scale. We take a model, scale it to the size we want, give it some thickness, and then chop it up to fit on the machines in our print farm. Then, we begin painstakingly slicing, printing, and assembling the pieces. Certain projects require fiberglass, ceramic thermal paint, or other exterior treatments to provide rigidity and outdoor resiliency. Then days of surface finishing and finally the fun part –paint.

With some limitations on copyrighted art, we can produce anything you’d like. Whether it’s functional pieces or stationary art, our abilities allow us to create the artwork of your dreams! Dream bigger!

Absolutely! Please contact us for current statue availability and rates. We provide delivery and pickup, and can even stay as photographers for your event.

As a young child, Guy asked his parents if he could raise homing pigeons. Upon their acceptance, he built himself a ramshackle pigeon coop and may or may not have kidnapped some rando pigeons from a park to begin his flock.

Ever the scientist, and with notebooks in hand, Guy began to document the birds, their habits, their numerous offspring, and their behavior. After learning about birds and their use of magnetic north to home themselves, Guy set out to test some theories. He took two of his best pigeons, duct taped a magnet to the head of pigeon number one, and rode them out into the Arizona desert on his bicycle. After riding wayyy too far out, he released the pigeons and began the journey home. There, he waited (notebook in hand) for their return.

Pigeon number two arrived promptly that evening. Pigeon number one… didn’t. He arrived much later (magnet still taped to his head!) and quite distressed.

It’s this story of curiosity, perseverance, and creativity that lead Lisa to believe that Magnetic Pigeon Head would be a great band name. We chose that moniker for the business we started together –hoping to continue the values of that story with our creative and curious work.

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